The Way to End Violence

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There are good people everywhere in this world. By and large, humanity is intact. Divisions in humanity are brought on by inhumanity only. Inhumanity begins with individuals and spreads like a cancer.

Inhumanity begins when ego asserts. Ego asserts when it is not kept in check. Keeping our ego in check is the most important practice we do. Keeping our ego in check is the most basic mental hygienic practice.

An unhygienic mind is a mind ruled by ego. A mind ruled by ego leads to insanity and inhumanity. Inhumanity is insane. A person who is inhumane is insane, because only an insane person will willfully cause harm to their own self. When we harm ourselves we also harm others. When we harm others, we also harm ourselves.

The only way to stop the hurt is to start the healing. The healing process begins when we recognize our own faults and correct them, right there and then. Our mistakes are founded in faulty decisions, and a faulty decision is a choice made with ego in mind. In other words, when we are thinking about our small self (ego) we make wrong decisions which lead to harmful effects. The harmful effects affect the mind in a negative way, influencing the mind to repeat the wrong action. This powerful cause and effect cycle can only be broken by deliberate positive action.

Generally, a person caught up in negativity is not inclined to do positive actions unless they are inspired to do so by the example of another positive human being. Since positivity is our essential nature (real nature), we are naturally inclined to respond positively to inspiration. Of course, the inspiration should be genuine, and it is genuine only when it is free of ego.

Young children can easily inspire us (to stop taking ourselves so seriously) because they are guileless and mostly free of ego. We are also inspired by our peers whenever they demonstrate the qualities of resilience, forbearance, compassion, courage, simplicity and humility. All of these (and other) qualities are the intrinsic characteristics of our Original Self (pure consciousness, soul, Atman).

Humanity is the expression of Consciousness Itself. This human existence is a Drama, a Sport, a Dance, and a Song. We are here to ‘sing our heart out,’ to move gracefully (to change from what we think we are to what we really are), to play with vim and vigor, with fairness and full attention but without taking ourselves so seriously, because after all, this life is a Drama. We are such good actors and actresses, that even we our selves are convinced the drama is real, when in fact it is not real. The Drama of Life is a real drama only, and beyond the drama is the Ultimate Reality.

When the mind is enlightened with the knowledge of Ultimate Reality it becomes crystal clear and the Self experiences the Supreme Self. In that experience is found the Supreme Happiness and Bliss. The mind that is established in this Supreme Reality is incapable of violence. When the capacity for violence is nil, the pain and suffering that ensue from violence are not known (experienced).

The way to end all violence is to become enlightened and to share the Light of Wisdom with all whom you come in contact.

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