High Thinking and High Energies

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High thinking and high energies are married together. If you want to have positive energies, you must have positive thoughts, and vice versa. Once you divorce yourself from good thoughts, your energy level goes down. In essence, you always have the same amount of energy (energy is never destroyed); however, when you have negative thoughts and negative energies, you will be functioning on a lower level. Either you are using your energy to do good things, or you are using it to do bad things—doing nothing is either good or bad, depending on the context.

Contrary to popular thought, people always think before they act. In other words, before you do any action you are always aware that you are doing something—that is, you are conscious when you act, and because you are conscious you are responsible for what you do. Sleep-walkers are not held responsible for their actions because they are not conscious of what they are doing.

Thinking, in this context, simply means being aware that you are acting. Oftentimes we act without due deliberation. Even if we don’t deliberate before taking action, we are still thinking—we are thinking about ourselves! Self-involved thinking is self-destructive. It destroys our peace of mind and our energy level goes down. Sometimes it goes down to our mouth and we say what we shouldn’t say. Sometimes it goes down to our stomach and we eat when we shouldn’t eat. Sometimes it goes lower.

We have to keep our thoughts high and our energies high. We have to have positive thoughts and positive energies. With good thoughts and good energies we will create a good life and we will multiply goodness wherever we go.

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