High Thinking

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What is ‘high thinking?’

High thinking means you are always moving faster than your mind. Whenever your mind is under your control, you easily rise to the occasion and meet every challenge with courage. But if you are under the control of your mind, your mind tends to run out of your mouth and your life becomes problematic.

High thinking means to stand on the mountain and have a 360 degree view of everything that is happening all around you. The ‘mountain’ is your own ego, and conquering that mountain is the only mountain you need to climb. High thinking creates a pathway to the top of that mountain, and every step along the way is filled with insights.

High thinking means to be positive-minded in spite of difficult situations. However, high thinking does not mean being naïve or oblivious to the dangers at hand. High thinking clears the mind of images, preconceived notions, and bias—it does not clear the mind of awareness.

High thinking means to live life with total awareness, clarity and sincerity. High thinking means to be conscientious, pure-hearted, earnest, and honest.

High thinking means to honor the real self in everyone; it does not mean to honor the dishonorable. High thinking humanizes, it does not dehumanize. High thinking is encouraging but not enabling.

High thinking is the most natural way to think, and is most conducive to natural, simple living. Likewise, simple living is conducive to high thinking. It is our natural state to be clear, happy, peaceful, and content. To live in our natural state of being, we need to clarify our mind and simplify our life through ‘simple living and high thinking.’

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