About me…

I am a human being; a small clump of stardust infused with the breath of life. I have been born to experience my Essence, and share that experience with others. This is the real purpose of my existence. Everything else—the food, clothing, shelter, other possessions, education, training, job, money and interrelationships exist for the purpose of supporting my existence for the sake of Self-realization.

Self-realization is not a self-centered pursuit or egotistical experience. On the contrary, Self-realization means to ‘be real.’ It means to actually be who I really am (in essence). If the life is centered on egotistical gratification and self-glorification, then that life is uncentered and dysfunctional.

I am not my mind, I am not my body, I am not my possessions, thoughts, memories, preferences, pleasures or pains. I am not just a ‘person’ with a particular name and form, on a particular ‘career path.’ I am just a simple human being on the path of Enlightenment.

‘Enlightenment’ is not a New Age buzzword. The path of Enlightenment is the path of perfection—it is the process of perfecting one’s nature. This does not mean I am trying to be perfect—it just means I am striving for excellence. It’s a long process. It’s a lifelong process. In fact, it is a process that goes on forever.

My Perspective…

I have a universal perspective—this means I see things from the point of view of Eternity. No matter how far back I look in time, there is no beginning to Time. Likewise, there is no beginning to the energy source from which everything is created and dissolved in unending cycles of time. I am that energy source. You are that energy source. Beyond you and I is the Supreme Source of Energy called GOD.

I am not a religious person. I follow no creed or cult. I have no façade or ‘front,’ no agenda and no vendetta. I have no mission and I seek no commission. I do however have a purpose and a destination. My aim is to fully satisfy my thirst for Truth, and while doing so, help others to discover the path within.

In this world, and the next, there is no greater gift than the gift of Wisdom. Wisdom removes ignorance, and when ignorance is removed we take responsibility for our actions and act wisely, with power of discernment.

Ignorance is the cause of all pain and suffering. There is no greater charity or good work than the spreading of Wisdom and the removal of ignorance.

This is my real work in this life. I call it my ‘home work,’ because this work must be done by me—it cannot be done by someone else for me. When I’ve done my home work I will be closer to experiencing my Essence—I will be closer to reaching my Ultimate Home.

Some background on myself….

I was born April 8th, 1953 in Concord, NH. What does this mean, really?

It means this nameless spark of Consciousness assumed a human form on that day (actually, much earlier, at the time of conception). Prior to that, I lived in a different dimension of being—a non-physical dimension, but still a subtle-material one.

Prior to conception, I lived in a mental dimension, and through the energy field associated with my mind (not the brain—which evolved after conception), I devolved into this human body. After the body became fully developed in the womb of my mother, I was born.

I was born without a name, but was soon given one by my parents. After some time I became a little bit associated with that name through the agency of my ego (power of self-identification).

My first memory in this body was when I was 3 years old. I remember disobeying my mother, and then stumbling and falling on the floor. Startled (though not really injured), I began to cry. My mother said: “God punished you for disobeying.” The words penetrated the core of my mind and left a deep impression—a question, or questions—why do I have to suffer?—do I have to suffer?—who or what is the cause of suffering?

From that moment, I have been very introspective, searching for the real answers to life’s mysteries; never satisfied with canned or coined answers provided by religion, tradition, or philosophy. I knew the answers had to come from within—the answers were there already; they were always there; but I would find them only if I looked carefully and looked in the right way, and in the right place.

I have been looking, and finding, for more than half a century. What I have found, I am now sharing with you through this website. I have found that there is no end to the exploration of Consciousness because Consciousness is eternal and boundless. It is beyond time and space, but it is expressed through the medium of both time and space, in conjunction with mind and matter.

Something about my name…

I am embodied (expressing myself) within a physical body and mind. These instruments of perception are used to conceptualize my ‘being’ through the art form of Life (existence). I have lived many, many lives through many, many life forms. I have had many, many names, many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, friends and other relations. All these relationships are based on my identification with the body and mind. As the body and mind have changed, the relationships have changed, and the names designating those relationships have changed too.

My legal name is Jai Maha Dev. This name was given to me by my spiritual mentor to help me realize my real nature. Just as I have no identification with the names from my previous lives, I have no attachment to the name I have now. At another time I will have another name. The names will change but the Self will remain the same.

Jai Maha Dev is my real name because it really describes who I am. It is really the name (quality) of the Self. As the Self is eternal, the names (qualities) of the Self are also eternal. As the Self is limitless, the names of the Self are limitless too. When it is said, ‘The Self is nameless,’ it means the Self is not fixed on any name, though many names are affixed to the Self.

In the course of life, each of us goes through many changes, but there is something that remains unchanged. THAT changeless Self is who I really am. Everything else is a drama, a play, a sport of Existence. In the drama we assume different identities, we play various roles. The drama has a beginning, middle and an end. The Self exists before the drama begins. The Self exists while the drama is going on; and the Self continues to exist when the drama is over.

That Self I am. That Self you are. That Self everyone is. When that Self is known (reflected in the mind), we come very close to our Essence, the Supreme Self which pervades everyone and everything.

Dream Traveler

We are all travelers on the path. We are all on our way Home. When we reach Home we realize we have always been united with the Supreme Self and our journey was just a dream.

This dream of life does not have to be a nightmare. A nightmare is created when violent images are impressed on the mind. A violent image is a reflection of a vile thought or action. We are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Even if someone has a tendency to do something wrong, they still have the choice whether or not to do it.

If we make the wrong choices over and over, again and again, we create a darkened state of mind which cannot reflect the light of consciousness. In a darkened state of mind we become less conscious of our real nature, and become more prone to do what is detrimental to our own well-being and general welfare of everyone else too. This self-violence is the result of violating the law of our own being.

Though the violence occurs in a dream only, the pain is no less painful. Though our travel is within, everything outside is within. The entire universe exists within each and every one of us. The experience of this dream-life takes place within our mind. When we go beyond the mind we awaken from the dream-life and experience Eternity. The purified mind is the medium of this experience, and this experience is the expression of Pure Consciousness.

When the traveler reaches the purest of the pure, the Absolute, then the journey comes to an end. After resting and reveling for some time at Home, in one’s own Essence, the Self embarks again on another journey to explore the endless realm of Consciousness.

What is Real, and What is a Drama?

When did energy begin? From where did it come? Where does it go?
When did I begin? From where did I come? Where do I go?

I have no beginning—it is only the body that began. At some time the body will go away.
I did not come from somewhere or some ‘thing.’
I have always been and I will always be.
I am everywhere and I am nowhere.
I do not go anywhere. I am here now, and always here.
Where I am is not a physical place or a mental space.
The place and space come and go, but I am here now forever.

I have had many names, many qualities, and they are all eternal.
I have had many bodies with many names, and none of them are eternal.
In this one life, this body has had several names and been severed from the same.  In my many lives I have had many names but none of these names have stuck because the bodies to which these names where assigned where consigned to the fire or the grave.

The qualities (names) of the Self have never changed because the Self is Pure Energy. That energy is eternal and its qualities (names) are eternal. My name is Jai Maha Dev. My quality, or nature, is to glorify the Supreme Self. The Supreme Being is glorified through the expression of Truth. The Truth is expressed through vibration. Vibration is produced when inertia is overcome. When the mind lets go of its images, the vibration (expression) of Truth is manifested. In this manifestation the beauty of life is revealed. All aesthetics (beautiful essence) emanate from the essence of life, and the essence of life is Pure Consciousness.

I am Pure Consciousness. That is all I have ever been. That is all I will ever be. Everything else is a temporary drama.