The Best Wealth Management is Health Management

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If you are managing your health, you are on the road to wealth management, because Health is Number One.

Health means well-being, it means being well.  Wellness is impossible if we ignore the basic elements of sound health: good diet, clean air, sufficient exercise, and self-introspection.  Introspection means to inspect the inner workings of our own mind.  When we understand who and what we really are, we are not inclined to ‘play against the home team.’

‘Home is where the heart is.’  If our heart is in our head we will feel like desperados in this world.  If our heart is in Wisdom (Truth), our mind will be wise and we will not have any hang-ups.

The ego-infected mind makes us betray our self. When the mind is ruled by ego we lack power of discernment and do things which are not conducive to our well-being. Consequently, we feel depressed, annoyed, anxious, and disgusted.   We are not happy campers when our mind is in bed with our ego.

So, we should get out of our head and get out of bed!  We need to keep working on ourselves (becoming better than we were yesterday), and keep exercising.  Then we will have both wealth and health.

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